Providing Good Things For Over 200 Years

Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle and Kiko Goats.

Calk Farm

Calk Farm sells registered Texas Longhorn cattle (TLBAA), registered KIKO goats (AKGA/NGR), commercial goats, beef, eggs, and honey. All our livestock are free-range, grass-fed and are not given growth hormones or antibiotics. 

The first time we actually saw Texas Longhorns was in the Wichita Mountain Refuge in Cache, OK.  We would drive through the park and marvel at these gentle creatures. Then we heard about the Wichita Mountain Refuge's annual auction and the rest is history.  

We purchased our first three heifers and bull in 2008 from the Wichita Mountain Refuge. Since then, we have selectively added additional cows and bulls to improve the genetics of the herd for size, conformation, horns, temperament, and color.

Calk Farm is an old historic farm.  The land was claimed in the 18th century by William Calk and our home was built in 1812.  We are located in Mount Sterling, Kentucky along the Hinkston Creek about half a mile south off Levee Road (Route 11) at the end of Calk Lane.  Visitors are welcome anytime. 

If you are interested in visiting or purchasing cattle, goats, beef, goat meat, eggs, or honey, just give us, Pete and Liz Pederson, a call at (580) 919-0565 or (860) 608-3284.